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Clickable Paper™

As marketing initiatives become more joined up, consumers increasingly expect to be able to seamlessly switch between media to find the information and brand communications they’re looking for. Clickable Paper™ offers printers and publishers a new way to link printed content to rich media.

Clickable Paper™ is an interactive print solution that uses image recognition software to connect printed materials to digital content. It allows you to add up to 6 links to one or more hotspots on any piece of printable material, and then assign rich media results like websites, video and e-commerce portals to each link. You can also enable mobile devices to take actions like making a phone call, opening a map or sending an email or tweet.

Clickable Paper™ goes beyond QR codes, which are limited to just one, visible link. The Clickable Paper™ hotspot is invisible and can be set up on top of any element in your document, encouraging a more immersive, exploratory experience.

The solution also offers data analytics about who is clicking through so that marketers can continuously refine and update their strategies.

Key features & benefits

Clickable Paper™ provides immediate one-touch access to multiple online resources by simply pointing a smartphone or tablet at the printed surface.

By implementing this technology in your organisation, you can:

Enable cross-media campaigns
Clickable Paper™ facilitates multi-channel campaigns and brand storytelling by enabling fast access to digital content and tools. Whether it’s clicking through to a video, diving straight into a discussion on social media, or making a reservation or purchase, the technology lets consumers quickly access digital media from the printed page.

Protect and reinvent your core printing business
Clickable Paper™ lets printers and print publishers offer an innovative value-added interactive print service to customers and gives advertisers a good reason to continue to spend part of their budgets on print ads.

Create a new revenue opportunity
The easy to implement technology lets you offer your customers an interactive way to drive brand awareness by adding rich media connections to their print advertising.

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