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Carbon Balanced Production Printing

A focus on sustainability is becoming a prerequisite to gain new business as customers increasingly demand materials with a low environmental footprint to align with their own internal policies.

Ricoh’s Carbon Balanced Production Printing service lets you calculate the carbon footprint of each print job, reduce or optimise the process wherever possible and then offset the remaining, unavoidable emissions.

We offer a three-step approach to analyse, optimise and neutralise your carbon emissions:

  1. Analyse your current carbon emissions
    First we determine the annual emissions of your printing activity. We analyse areas like your Ricoh production systems, the paper used, energy consumption, delivery distance of supplies and the travelling distances of our engineers to service your machines.

  2. Optimise your carbon footprint
    We also help you minimise energy consumption, suggest ways to reduce print waste and review recycling practices.

  3. Neutralise your remaining unavoidable emissions
    Our final step allows you to neutralise the remaining emissions generated by Ricoh production printing systems with Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). These come from official clean energy projects that fall under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that we invest in.

As part of the annual Ricoh Carbon Balanced Printing certification, we continue to monitor your printing processes to continually minimise carbon emissions. The certification provides you with evidence that every printed page on your Ricoh production printing system has been carbon balanced with Ricoh’s CERs.

Key features & benefits

The Ricoh Carbon Balanced Production Printing Programme, helps you implement new environmental processes.

Members of the programme benefit from:

A validated approach
Ricoh was the first in the industry to gain ISO16759 certification for its print carbon calculator.

The programme is also verified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), a global independent standards body renowned for its vigorous testing.

Promotional support
Members gain access to services, tools and marketing material to help promote your status and commitment to the environment. By using our online carbon calculator, you can also provide evidence that each job you produce has been carbon-neutralised through Ricoh.

Cost savings and increased turnover
Sustainable working does more than limit climate change and protect natural resources. It is often also adopted for cost-saving reasons. By consuming less energy and fewer raw materials, you save money and increase your margins.

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