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Customer Communication Management

Today’s larger organisations have typically evolved through a journey of mergers and acquisitions, meaning that customer data is hosted across a variety of different platforms. Orchestrating more bespoke customer communications is an even greater challenge when having to extract relevant data from these silos.

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management solutions enable organisations to connect to the critical data needed to create communications that deliver relevant information in the most appropriate format through a customer’s channel of preference.

The solution delivers a comprehensive portfolio of workflow products for multi-channel communication management - adopting personalised, targeted communications by using our Precision Marketing consultancy or data analytics service.

Core to the service is powerful data analytics, which helps you gather together data from multiple sources to create a better understanding of your customers. The amount of data organisations gather is growing exponentially and unstructured data from sources like social media presents a challenge. Our solution helps you analyse large amounts of data in real time to gain practical insights into user behaviour and habits, allowing you to create more targeted, relevant business communications.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management does more than simply enhancing how and where information is shared with customers. Our tailored solutions will help you streamline your costs and communication processes and assist with meeting regulatory compliance while improving customer satisfaction and responses.

Our solutions will help your organisation:

  • Strengthen relationships with customers
  • Increase engagement with your customers
  • Create a positive brand and service experience
  • Provide more insight into reactions and behaviour
  • Collect more information about your customers

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