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Precision Marketing Services

To get noticed in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to provide customers with information and offers that resonate with their interests.

Whether you’re including marketing material with a product delivery, sending out a sales letter or adding a coupon to an invoice, your customers will respond best to relevant, targeted communications that speak directly to their needs.

Ricoh’s Precision Marketing Services help you make intelligent use of your data to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns. From data analysis, personalised marketing material design and document creation through to campaign measurement, our service suite helps you harness customer information to boost your response and conversion rates.

We’re aware that many companies find engaging with data daunting the first time around, and have created a structured approach to comfortably start you on your precision marketing path:

  1. Your local Precision Marketing Workshop
    We start our engagement with a full day Precision Marketing Workshop with your marketing and IT team. Here we evaluate your current campaign management processes and data and use this as the basis for an executive summary and the proposal for your Precision Marketing pilot.

  2. Precision Marketing Pilot
    At a fixed price we then implement your first precision marketing campaign for you to guide you through how it’s done.
Key features & benefits

From products related to a recent purchase to personalised offers based on previous buying behaviour, Ricoh’s Precision Marketing Services are here to transform the way you communicate with your customers.

Our tailored, end-to-end service will help your organisation:

  • Leverage your customer information from a variety of formats and multiple locations
  • Analyse your customer data to establish the products and services that are most likely to interest them
  • Evaluate and measure customer reactions
  • Select the most appropriate target groups for your next marketing campaign
  • Design personalised marketing communications that target customer interests
  • Output or distribute your marketing material through your customer’s preferred communication channel
  • Measure your campaign’s impact to establish its success and see where you can make improvements

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