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Direct Mailer

Direct mail is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can use. But, like any tool, it needs to be used with focus and expertise to be effective. The world of direct mail gets more sophisticated all the time, and unless it’s your dedicated job, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up.

Personalisation options, for one, are multiplying. Once, personalisation simply meant adding a recipient’s name to an email or letter. These days we can customise how we send messages according to individual preferences, and use variable-data printing to easily deliver tailored communications and offers. And direct mail technology will continue to evolve as we learn to make better use of data.

Ricoh is here to help you use technology to make meaningful connections with your customers. We stay on top of the latest country- and industry-specific marketing and regulatory developments so that you don’t have to. And we remain at the forefront of direct mail technology and workflow innovation so that our clients always benefit from the latest thinking and advancements in what’s become a very specialised field.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh will help you harness the latest direct mail technology and thinking to build closer relationships with customers. As a Ricoh Direct Mailer client you can expect:

  • Access to the latest direct mail innovations without needing to maintain in-house expertise
  • Increased satisfaction and conversions as customers receive more targeted communications
  • Access to high performance, flexible output technology and production workflow processes
  • A reliable support network that ensures your direct mail technology keeps working at peak functionality

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