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Signing documentation by hand can be a lengthy, slow process. As business is increasingly digitised, e-signatures are becoming the more efficient way to get your documents securely signed. 

Ricoh’s e-signature solution provides an innovative new option for e-signing. You can expect accelerated turnaround time on documents that need to be signed, along with less wastage and greater accountability. 

E-signatures replace more traditional manual steps for receiving signatures and approvals. This has added benefits of providing greater speed, efficiency and compliance for your business. If you’d like to discover how Ricoh UK is improving productivity and reducing costs through e-signature technology, download the case study.

Features & benefits

E-signatures offer process efficiency improvements both internally and externally in organsiations. Secure electronic workflows support a more accurate, streamlined process for your business, so you can reach your customers faster and remove any physical barriers to growth. 

Ricoh UK’s reputation for best-in-class software has led us to choose Adobe Sign, an easy to use and complete package that eliminates menial tasks of chasing signatures, and weeks of delays. To find out more, download our case study. 

Key Benefits:  

  • Reduction in response times
  • Improve customer experience
  • Deliver cost savings
  • Enhance security and compliance
  • Meet environmental targets 

Sustainability through innovation 
IT solutions shouldn’t just focus on productivity and cost, Adobe Sign shows that your business has a commitment to sustainability, and reduces printing and paper wastage.

‘By eliminating the need to travel to the customer with contracts, we’ve reduced fuel and paper consumption.’
Ray Young, Business Development Director, Ricoh UK
High accountability
Adobe Sign offers greater document accountability and security. For businesses, dealing with large numbers of employees and customer paperwork can be arduous, but Adobe Sign speeds this up, and can dovetail the processes of administration and contractual obligation. With customisable functionality, it enables you to collect key data so that signatures cannot be entered without the necessary information. For thousands of internal processes, this offers significant time and cost savings.
‘With better productivity and high accountability for our sales and HR processes, Adobe Sign helps us better serve our customers and employees.’
Ray Young, Business Development Director, Ricoh UK