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Evolve your digital workspace

Technology is transforming work. It’s changing how teams collaborate, how you serve customers, how you protect your organisation and how you achieve growth. 
At Ricoh, we specialise in developing and integrating end-to-end technologies that help organisations respond to ever-changing workstyles.
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seamless digital workspace experience
Workplace Experience

Access everywhere

Hybrid and on-the-go set-ups are shaping our future. We take a holistic approach to designing, integrating and supporting your digital workspaces to nurture employee engagement and help you reach new levels of performance.
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Business Process Management

Synched for success

Manual tasks no longer need to hold your staff back. We optimise your business processes to enable your staff to deliver more; providing the technology, expertise and support to streamline and simplify processes across your organisation.
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Managed Print & Automation Services

Gateway to your digital workspace

Embrace digitalisation and maximise efficiency with a print infrastructure that supports the evolving needs of your organisation.
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Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud & clear

Capturing the full value of cloud requires the right roadmap and team to execute it. We provide cloud solutions and expertise that make your business operations more agile, cost-effective and secure while pursuing next-generation innovation.
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No more risky business

Internet-enabled devices create new vulnerabilities to cyberattacks. We help you go on the offensive against cybercrime with intelligent cybersecurity services and solutions aligned to your core business processes.
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Graphic Communications

Explore a new world of opportunity

The possibilities with print are endless. At Ricoh, we help you evolve, digitalise and create a sustainable business advantage; providing solutions on hardware, software and services that enable new opportunities within professional printing.
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Graphic Communication
Discover your digital maturity

Discover your Organisation's Digital Maturity

Your organisation's digital maturity score will identify your priorities and allow you to enable successful digital transformation.
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Digital Maturity
Office Products & Software

Best-in-class quality

Ricoh is well known for high-quality printers, digital duplicators and multifunction printers/scanners/copiers. With plenty of choices in speed, size and capabilities, you can select from the models and features that work best for your workgroup, office or classroom.
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A multi-faceted service and support platform

All the product and service support you need in one place. We provide support, advice and solutions to keep your business up and running.
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AV technology and management

Your one-stop resource

Find out everything about our business news, product innovations and people, along with the events we’re hosting and attending.
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The Company

Who we are and what we do

At Ricoh, we endeavour to always listen to our customers and provide you with innovative solutions, products and services that align with your business goals. We strive to add value to your services and products. We adapt to changing business climates.
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Why work for Ricoh?

What’s it like to work at Ricoh?

Our mission is to help individuals achieve fulfilment through work. At Ricoh we’re looking for individuals with values and causes, strengths and weaknesses, passions and ideas – bring your unique energy, and we’ll match it with opportunities to create the future.
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We love to hear from you

Whether you have a pricing question about our solutions or products, need help managing your account or already using our products and have a support question, our team is there to help.
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customer and employee engagement

Helping you to stay one step ahead

Explore and read our lastest insights from what matter the most in business solutions.
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Ricoh eShop

Get started with the Ricoh eShop

Enjoy the Ricoh eShop, your ultimate time and cost saving solution. With thousands of leading brands, our platform is your gateway to effortless shopping. Whether you're a new user or an existing Ricoh partner, join for free to explore our extensive collection of Ricoh and third-party products and services for your one-stop-shop solution.
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Discover The Ricoh eShop

You’re invited to discover the Ricoh eShop.

Find all the solutions for your business by attending one of the Explore Ricoh eShop sessions held twice a week. If you're looking for innovation that gives your business peace of mind, then visit the Ricoh eShop Subscribe page to join our new service.
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Range of Products

More than just Ricoh

The Ricoh eShop stocks more than 350 trusted brands to help meet your business needs. Streamline your e-procurement with Ricoh as sole supplier for your IT and Media products.
Technology Partners

Best in class technology

We work with the world’s technology leaders to ensure we deliver a comprehensive range of innovative products and services for your business.
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Crown Commercial Service Online Store

Ricoh are working in partnership with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to provide public sector bodies with access to our framework compliant online store with the CCS Lot 1 RM6174.
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Crown commercial service

@Remote (Smart Meters & eService)

Working better together

@Remote, Ricoh's Smart Metering, can be set up to provide a range of automated print fleet management services. @Remote can report on how much and how often your print devices are being used - collecting meter readings automatically to achieve accurate and efficient billing.

eService, available anytime via the Ricoh eService Portal (ricoh.co.uk/eservice), offers a convenient online self-service option for customers to quickly submit meter readings, order toner and request support. Utilising eService to help manage any non-@Remote compatible or non-networked print devices, as well as supplement any automated services provided via @Remote.

For print fleets including @Remote compatible print devices, use eService

  • In conjunction with automated meter readings from @Remote
  • To log service calls, as well as submit toner orders online at any time
To reduce administrative effort and increase billing accuracy, eService should also be utilised to submit meter readings online for any non-@Remote compatible or non-networked print devices.

With @Remote and eService - customers and Ricoh alike - are able to reduce administrative effort and cost associated with manually collecting and processing meter readings, ordering toner and requesting service support over the phone. The combined offering is also aligned to the environmental interests we share with customers.

Customer awareness

To ensure all our customers enjoy the benefits of automated meter readings and accurate billing, we have made using @Remote mandatory within our terms and conditions for all compatible Ricoh print devices. @Remote, together with eService, can be utilised to deliver more efficient customer and technical service, including time saving consumable ordering and service request submission.
In order for you to realise the benefits of this combined service, it is vital that key individuals within your organisation are familiar with both @Remote and eService, and your role - in cooperation with Ricoh - to ensure they are properly and consistently used. Over the page is a brief summary for you to review, acknowledge and share with other relevant people in your organisation.

Ricoh commitment

  • To configure and switch on @Remote for all NEW compatible print devices as quickly as possible (this includes new devices ordered and those used for fleet refreshes). Please note: whilst new print devices are being @Remote enabled, we will utilize estimated billing.
  • To help address any technical or security related questions or concerns you may have, via the @Remote & eService Help Desk (contact details at the end of this section).
  • To notify you when all NEW print devices have been successfully @Remote enabled and provide your organisation with access to the @Remote Reporting Portal.

Customer commitment

To ensure Ricoh is aware of the full contact details of all relevant people from your organisation who have a role to play in ensuring @Remote and eService are used effectively.

To notify the @Remote Help Desk of any IT related changes that may impact the @Remote service (includes: IP address changes, devices disconnected or moved to other locations, etc).

To ensure meter readings are submitted prior to the LAST CALENDAR DAY of the month (based on your billing cycle end date) via the eService Portal if using eService to submit meter readings for non-@Remote compatible devices or a compatible Ricoh device that you have disconnected from the network.

Features & benefits

  • @Remote provides automated meter reading submissions providing you with accurate, up-to-date feedback on print operations and usage 
  • eService provides a simple alternative to non-@Remote compatible equipment, as well as handling requests for support or supplies
  • Reduces administrative burden on staff, allowing them to focus on serving customers
  • Ensures more accurate billing and forecasting, helping print providers manage their finance and operations more effectively