Ricoh UK launches new free service to help future proof British businesses

Ricoh UK launches new free service to help future proof British businesses

London 10 October 2022 : Ricoh UK has today announced the successful rollout of its new digital transformation tool, the ‘Digital Services Maturity Indicator’ (DSMI). This new software will enable companies to sharpen their competitive edge in the digital space, through a comprehensive review of current capabilities in agility, resilience, security and longevity across operations, IT, finance, HR and facilities sectors.

Digital maturity describes an organisation’s ability to respond and adapt to technological trends. Much like with humans, maturity comes in stages - the only difference being that organisations can accelerate their digital maturity and reach milestones quicker.

Discover your organisation’s digital maturity: Ricoh Digital Services 

As the transition to hybrid work continues, there is a greater urgency for digital maturity. Ricoh has identified that while many businesses have been digitised, they have yet to evolve their strategic digital approach. 

Research by Ricoh found that two thirds (65%) of UK office employees expect amplified capabilities through intelligent tools as standard working practice and would even welcome some element of AI or automation into their role. According to the follow up research, this has a direct impact on employee experience and, ultimately, on staff retention. 

Glenn Griggs, Director of Sales at Ricoh UK, said: “Key to business longevity and sustainability is being able to face and adapt to new challenges. Staying ahead in the digital world is a continuous pursuit, which can be a real challenge to get right - we’ve seen over 70% of organisations fail at their first attempts at digital transformation. Our Digital Services Maturity Indicator provides a clear and comprehensive overview of where an organisation currently sits as well as recommendations for a robust and agile digital transformation strategy.”

The DSMI allows organisations to ascertain their current digital maturity and, in turn optimise the value of digital investments and new opportunities. Following a short, free survey of their current capabilities, a personalised results report is generated with an assigned digital maturity score based on five critical elements of the workplace.

  • Digital workspace 
  • Business process management
  • Cloud and infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital experience 

To understand more about digital maturity, business leaders are invited to try Ricoh’s Digital Services Maturity Indicator for free at Ricoh Digital Services.

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Ricoh is a leading provider of integrated digital services and print and imaging solutions designed to support digital transformation of workplaces, workspaces and optimize business performance.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh’s global operation reaches customers in approximately 200 countries and regions, supported by cultivated knowledge, technologies, and organizational capabilities nurtured over its 85-year history. In the financial year ended March 2023, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 2,134 billion yen (approx. 16.0 billion USD).

It is Ricoh’s mission and vision to empower individuals to find Fulfillment through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we can unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future. 

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