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Customer Communication Management - Solution Suite

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management solution suite helps financial institutions streamline the ways they communicate with customers.

We offer a range of automated solutions to help you personalise, validate, optimise and archive your delivery of customer correspondence. The suite covers everything from formatting to printing and posting and can be used for communications like email marketing, mailed letters and welcome packs.

The suite provides tools that allow your customers to specify their preferences, so that they can receive personalised communications in their format of choice. Customer satisfaction is boosted while your business enjoys greater operational efficiencies and increased savings as more customers move to digital communications.

The communications history is documented and fully auditable, ensuring that your business meets regulatory compliance.

Key features & benefits

Customer Communication Management lets financial service organisations combine a streamlined business process infrastructure with a renewed focus on the customer. At the same time, a fully documented, auditable workflow makes reporting easy and quickly provides you with the information needed to meet sector regulations.

Ricoh’s technology suite allows financial institutions to:

  • Provide customer-centric communications that improve satisfaction and retention
  • Streamline processes to conduct more efficient business
  • Save material along with human resource costs by automating key processes
  • Create an auditable and compliant communications structure

Use cases

Banking on better production processes

From bank statements to account documentation, customer communications form the key touch point of any financial institution’s relationship with its clients. Ricoh’s customer is one of the world’s most successful retail banks, with assets exceeding €1 trillion and nearly 100 million customers worldwide. It wanted to enhance the impact and integrity of its customer communications while improving process efficiency and reducing costs.

Having audited the bank’s production printing processes, Ricoh identified multiple process inefficiencies, the most significant of which was that the bank used different pre and post-production management systems at different locations. Through detailed analysis and consultancy, Ricoh transformed the bank’s document workflow and print production processes.

Ricoh’s innovative solutions now handle a variety of internal print processes, streamlining workflows and increasing flexibility. Multi-channel content is optimised and output in digital format or printed using an appropriate device. Print is sorted to take advantage of discounted mailing rates. Improved production efficiency allowed the bank to close one production centre, significantly reducing costs.

Ricoh has enhanced the integrity of the bank’s communication, building trust and improving customer satisfaction. A closed loop system with page and document level reporting ensures that customers are sent accurate information that relates solely to their account. Detailed reporting also helps the bank to optimise production efficiency. By pre-sorting mail, the bank is also able to further reduce its cost base by taking advantage of discounted mailing rates.

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