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TotalFlow Job Ticket

Connect users to central printing services and gain control of print costs

Ricoh’s TotalFlow Job Ticket provides a simple job submission and print re-direction workflow solution that allows organisations to take full control of document printing and costs.

The solution provides seamless integration between office and production workflow environments allowing organisations to improve output management and ensure document printing is done on the most cost-effective printer available via rules-based workflows.

TotalFlow Job Ticket offers integration with Ricoh’s Streamline NX, third-party office workflows and Ricoh and third-party production devices allowing easy deployment into existing office and production printing environments whilst minimising additional IT overheads and maintenance.

The solution utilises existing office workflow rules, reporting, cost centres and user profiles maintaining a single central accounting solution whilst enabling internal cross charging and rules-based print re-direction to in-house production print devices or print room locations.

Documents are routed directly to the Print Room complete with an electronic job ticket enabling full automation of job preparation and printing via Ricoh’s TotalFlow Production Manager solution, helping to simplify job management and increase Print Room automation and efficiency.

TotalFlow Job Ticket helps organisations take control of enterprise printing whilst empowering users to submit jobs directly to an in-house production print location thereby reducing the overall cost of printing whilst offering direct access to in-house production print services for users. 

Features & benefits


  • Provides simple and intuitive job submission via a window print driver or web upload
  • Integrates with Ricoh and third-party office workflows 
  • Utilises existing user accounts, cost recovery and print rules 
  • Provides automatic user notifications and communication throughout the process
  • Automated job set-up, processing and output via Ricoh TotalFlow workflow solutions
  • Allows users to submit jobs from a remote location securely via VPN connection
  • User based pricing model allows organisations of any size to recognise a strong ROI


  • Allow users to print as they do today
  • Easy deployment into existing enterprise environments
  • Redirect jobs to the most cost-effective device based on rules (cost, copy count etc)
  • Utilise existing office accounting systems and user profiles reducing IT overheads
  • Reduced print leakage outside of the organisation 
  • Provides full visibility of job printing costs across all production and office devices
  • Allows users to easily access Print Room services no matter where they are located

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