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Your medium-sized business faces numerous challenges – competition from both agile start-ups and larger enterprises; distractions caused by procurement and other business admin; making sure your people have the right tech that empowers them to succeed. 

The Ricoh eShop is the ideal online purchasing solution, with a huge range of IT products, software and printers from Ricoh and other top tech brands. Convenient, supported procurement frees up your people to concentrate on servicing your customers and growing your business.

Consolidate suppliers

If your business buying has developed ad hoc over time, it probably involves lots of different purchases from a range of different suppliers. A complex, scattered model makes it hard to manage spend and realise benefits of scale.

Buying from fewer suppliers can help simplify and streamline your purchasing. The improved transparency and compliance from greater centralisation could also save your business time and money.

Find out more about consolidating suppliers by downloading our guide to optimising IT procurement.

Flexible procurement as a client offer

A custom installation of The Ricoh eShop enabled Hyground Consulting to add fast and efficient online procurement to its client services offer.

Best supplier I have ever come across

"Excellent customer service. Just the right amount of communication so it doesn’t feel pushy. Great quality products and punctual delivery."

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