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Media and paper

We have stringently tested a wide range of media, accessories and papers to ensure the best possible technical performance. While operation and performance are the driving forces behind our choice of supplies, we also take our environmental responsibility seriously too. Ricoh has developed trackable sustainability initiatives for many decades, which is integral in everything we do.

Strengthen your reputation

By ordering from us, you can inform your customers of the providence of your Ricoh supplies, which is good for reputation when considering corporate responsibility and how your business is presented to your customers.

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Pro Office Paper

Pro Office Paper

Our sturdy everyday printing paper has been created to maximise the performance of your Ricoh printer, delivering consistently professional results for office and home printing.


Please see the below chart for an overview of FSC ® mix that relates to the paper you have bought from Ricoh based on the FC1-9 short descriptions that may appear on your invoices or other communications from Ricoh.

FSC1 = FSC PureFSC6 = FSC Recycled 50%
FSC2 = FSC Mix 50%FSC7 = FSC Recycled 70%
FSC3 = FSC Mix 70%FSC8 = FSC Recycled 100%
FSC4 = FSC Mix CreditFSC9 = FSC Controlled Wood
FSC5 - FSC Recycled 25%

If you require any additional information please go to FSC via this link