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Digital Storefront with Direct Smile

DirectSmile® adds emotional power to all your designs, opening a new universe of communications. With perfectly natural integration of variable text in high quality photo designs you are ready to create the print products that amaze customers and boost response rates. You have a unique design tool to create all images yourself, and you will not believe how simple it is.

Features & benefits


Create a complete new image with font in just five minutes. Just load up a database and click the “print” button. Starting from your first drafts you can expand your creative options stepby- step up to the most sophisticated font designs. With DirectSmile, everything is possible when design meets data. No more concerns from data and prepress people – there’s a function for everything. You can produce the most fantastic visual concepts that will print out perfectly.

DirectSmile is designed for designers and engineered for printers. All DirectSmile products include complete design functionality, and for any production need you can get the right system size and output options – from PPML and PDF. Just scale to your and your clients production needs and go for more variable data printing or cross media options, as needed.


  • Unique design tool, create all images yourself
  • VDP document solution included
  • Full scalability, adapt your system to any production need
  • Use all output options, produce e-mails, personal websites, MMS, integrate with all other VDP systems
  • PDF preview at any time
  • Automatic length escalating functions
  • Use all character types
  • Build font from any visual element

Build font from any visual element

  • Clip fonts
  • System fonts
  • Picture fonts

Build font from any visual element

  • Surface Projection
  • Linear Objects
  • Motion Blur
  • Random Effects
  • 3D Shadow
  • Simply load your database and print!

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