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Color-Logic for the Ricoh Pro™ C7200sx

The Pro C7200sx’s 5th colour white toner option can be used in combination with metallic media to produce a metallic or semi metallic effect for a wide range of visually inspiring applications. 

When combined with CMYK this opens up a wide range of metallic colours and effects allowing Print Service Providers (PSP) to offer a range of eye catching applications that can be used for clients and brand owners to increase appeal and response rates on direct mail, promotional products and other applications.

But how does a brand manager specify these colours, designers create the necessary artwork and how does a PSP communicate the range of colours possible and establish a consistent, systematic & cost effective viable production process?

The Solution
The Color-Logic System™ has been designed specifically to address the challenges faced when designing for and printing with white ink or toner on decorative media. With Color-Logic, a spot separation is automatically generated by the application where you want to see the metallic effect without the need to modify the design file or apply any manual masking techniques. How the spot colour is printed with white ink or toner is then controlled at output in the digital front end.

Increased visual impact with different substrates and effects
Different metallic effects are achieved by using either high chrome foil, matt metallic or pearlescent papers, each creating a unique myriad of metallic colours unique to that device and media combination.

The Colour System
Color-Logic provides a licence to print and manufacture Color-Logic swatch books using your own press, which takes into account the substrate, inks and coatings of that individual device. Each custom swatch book contains 250 metallic colours that links up with dedicated Adobe® palettes and plug-ins. 

Demonstrate and promote your capabilities 
The Color-Logic swatch book(s) can also be used by sales to promote your digital print enhancement capabilities and show exactly what colours can be produced on your Ricoh Pro™ C7200 press. This means no more guessing and no more trial and error allowing you to provide visually impactful results that meet your clients expectations.

Color-Logic Design Suite™
Color palettes and plug-ins are provided for Adobe® design applications allowing creative staff to easily separate vector graphics, gradient blends and tints.

The Color-Logic Image-FX™ plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® allows creatives to easily separate an image for 5th colour printing with a single button click, saving large amounts of time versus manual image separation techniques. Additional options to the Color-Logic licence, such as Pattern-FX, allows for further creative possibilities and effects.

Preview the result – FX-Viewer
The Color-Logic FX-Viewer application (currently only available on Mac OSX) offers a 3D soft-proof simulating the metallic effect of your designs, prior to going to proof or print, reducing downtime in the studio and maximising uptime on the press.

Generate revenue with the right tools for your clients
Additional copies of the Color-Logic Design Suite & FX-Viewer can also be sold to clients with internal design teams, which helps recoup some of the licence investment, but more importantly, your client can then create print ready Color-Logic PDF files for your Ricoh Pro™ C7200 press.

For Wide and Large Format and offset as well 
Color-Logic can also be used on any large and wide format devices that print white ink, such as the Ricoh Pro L and Pro T range of devices and other printing processes such as offset, flexo, screen print, gravure etc.

Features & benefits

  • Optimised 5th colour separations in a single button click
  • Economical & affordable means of differentiation for print service providers & brands
  • Easy adoption working within familiar Adobe ™ creative applications
  • Faster Time to market allowing products & collateral to be produced with less trial & error
  • 250 NEW metallic colours using only five toners/inks, white plus CMYK 
  • Proven systematic colour system for foil substrates & metallic media
  • Education & Training via online resources & Ricoh professional services onsite  
  • No major capital expense. Print Color-Logic on your current digital & analogue presses
  • Adaptive for existing & future presses, substrates, inks, and coatings
  • Promotional print ready files allowing you to promote your capabilities immediately 

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