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Print Insights

Ricoh’s Print Insights platform is designed to make the collation of device usage and other data simple, while then displaying it in elegant and highly visual ways that are easy to understand.

It’s a business reporting tool that works hand-in-hand with printer management software such as Equitrac and Streamline. We can look to integrate it with additional software upon request.

Ricoh Print Insights is also cloud-based, so there’s no software to install.

Print Insights allows printer/MFD fleet managers to:

  • Gain instant visibility of fleet performance
  • Easily identify problem areas and misuse
  • Drive changes in users’/departments’ printing habits
  • Make well-informed decisions that reduce costs and waste
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce discretionary printing

Less cost and less waste through elegant and highly visual printer/MFD fleet reporting

All those who manage printer and MFD fleets in office and department environments crave information:

  • How much are they paying for every page printed?
  • Which departments are heavy or high cost users? Which individuals are?
  • How well does the fleet meet the document processing needs of the organisation?
  • How well does it match up to environmental drivers?
  • Gathering and analysing such data should be easy, but despite many organisations using print management software systems that track usage, trends and generate reports…somehow, it’s not.

The data is there, but not a user-friendly way of collating it and making it easily understandable.

Imagine having comprehensive print management software in place on your network and you are receiving regular reports on usage across the organisation from different sources.

Now imagine the growing difficulty IT and procurement teams face when they must report savings, trends and nuances to senior management, with static and unfriendly reporting formats.

You know business leaders increasingly desire management information presented in professional dashboard formats on desktop and mobile devices, you also know you do not need to replace firmly established print management software.

Your conundrum: How can you speed up the reporting and decision making in your business, without replacing existing, trusted software?
Print Insights automatically enables you to take more control over your printing network, providing an opportunity for cost saving and environmental improvements. The data and improvements made using Print Insights is presented in one place in a language your whole business will understand, saving time in sourcing and presenting this yourself.

A cloud-based live business reporting tool with no software to install, Print Insights automatically shows an output from other printer management software (such as Equitrac, Streamline, Papercut and others). This tool is designed to make the collaboration of complex device usage data simple, displaying this in ways that are easy to understand for not just you, but everyone.

In visualising the total cost, usage and environmental impact of your print network, Print Insights enables major benefits for IT and Procurement Managers:

  • Professional, comprehensive management reporting in contemporary, user friendly dashboards
  • Live graphical analysis allows quicker decision making and saves time gathering data
  • Print optimisation down to user level, reducing cost and environmental impact.
  • Share your optimisation success with the wider business in a way they will understand.
  • Bring print users on the journey with you with user friendly reports.
  • Easily identify problem areas and misuse that can be improved.

Print Insights overcomes the challenge of print inefficiencies, allowing you to share and celebrate improvements across your business.

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