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Deliver cost-effective targeted training to your staff with our cloud based service.

YOU+Ricoh is a web-app that contains high quality training content for Ricoh devices and solutions. The platform works equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Your staff only see content specific to their hardware and software, so they can quickly and easily find the information they need to use all their new Ricoh devices or solutions to the fullest extent.

What challenges are organisations facing?

  • A number of staff spread out over several locations means face to face training is expensive and impractical 
  • Difficult to make staff available for face to face training at specific times 
  • Staff need quick access to training content at their time of their need 
  • Staff turnover leaves a training gap, but doesn’t always justify more face to face training
Features & benefits

  • Content is specific to each customer and therefore drives adoption
  • Accessible on desktops, tablets and mobiles and all operating systems
  • Intuitive and simple navigation means users get to the right content quickly
  • Available 24/7 makes it possible for the employers to offer staff training without a constraint on resources.
  • No IT infrastructure investment required
  • Reduces training and costs over traditional classroom training
  • Fast and easy deployment.
  • Enables instant training for staff that are spread out over several locations.
  • Eliminates the need for face-to-face training at specific times, especially useful for shift workers.
  • Satisfies  growing demand to provide quick access to training precisely at the time the staff need it