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Ricoh launches new Technology and Strategy film as part of Rugby Change Series

Global technology company, Ricoh today launches the fourth film in their Rugby Change Series; which identifies and analyses the major changes in rugby that have occurred since the onset of professionalism.

The fourth film in the series focuses on the impact technology has had on the modern game; how it is being utilised, its benefits and how it is shaping decision making and overall strategies.

From drones identifying patterns in play to GPS tracking systems monitoring a players’ every move, carry and tackle, Premiership clubs are investing heavily in state of the art technology, which they hope will give them a competitive edge on the pitch.

Real time data now allows players to learn and develop quicker; increasing accuracy and ensuring accountability. As well as providing coaches with greater understanding and insights into the demands put on the players and how they respond to those demands, enabling them to define training strategies tailored to individual players.

With the increasing technological advances in the game coaches and players are now able to make better and more informed decisions, faster, however should those decisions be based solely on data?  The fourth film in the Rugby Change series investigates if players’ instincts and emotions still play a role in decision making or if it’s statistics and figures that there ultimately defining how the game is played.

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Chas Moloney, Marketing Director for Ricoh UK & Ireland, commented: “We at Ricoh see the benefits our technology brings to our customers on a day to day basis and how products, services and solutions help to transform their businesses, making them more efficient and competitive in their marketplace.

So for us, it’s exciting and extremely encouraging to see the game of rugby embracing new technologies, allowing the game to continue to evolve and ensure players and coaches have the information they need to improve and develop. We strongly believe that inspiring new ideas and embracing change through the use of technology are crucial to success in both business and in sport.”

Ben Kay, Ricoh ambassador, added: “It is great to see Ricoh providing fans with an insight to how technology is not just changing the game as a whole but how it’s impacting specific aspects of the game both on and off the pitch. For me, one of the main benefits of the technological advances we have seen over the years is around player welfare. Coaches now have the capabilities to identify and analyse individual players’ workloads and as a result create tailored training sessions for them.  This doesn’t just reduce injures but will further the players’ development and overall performance.”

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