St Bede’s School
St Bede’s School


Increase cybersecurity into education

Helps ensures schools maintain learning continuity and safety

When St Bede’s School heard about more ransomware attacks on schools, it was time to look at its own defences. By deploying RansomCare - Ricoh’s ransomware containment solution powered by BullWall - the school has reduced the impact of ransomware if it breaches existing defences, increased security confidence and helped maintain learning continuity. RansomCare even spotted one student using a computer inappropriately during lessons in real time.

"We’ve never suffered a ransomware attack, but I was starting to hear more and more about the number of attacks in schools. Because so many organisations had fallen victim to ransomware, we thought the best thing for us was to get better protection. It is the software that you hope you never have to use, but you’re very happy you have it if you do get attacked."

Samuel Alexander-Omoh, IT Manager St Bede's School

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