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Dennis Maps and Ricoh partnership improves quality, cuts costs and fuels innovation

Dennis Maps and Ricoh Forge Stronger Partnership for Quality and Efficiency

When Dennis Maps, the UK’s leading map printer, started using a Ricoh digital press it enabled the business to improve quality, streamline operations and reduce costs. But it was also the start of a partnership that the business sees getting stronger as it calls on Ricoh expertise to help develop more innovation in printed map products in the future.

“The key criteria in selecting a new printer was will it be indiscernible from litho-print. The Ricoh press and its expertise has moved Dennis Maps to a point where most people will never know which is litho-printed and which is digital. It’s that close and it means that we can mix and match the best print technologies to produce high-quality, seamless and uniform products. This is mission critical for our business and why it was essential to choose the right technology and the right partner.”

Steve Burry, Managing Director, Dennis Maps

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