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Improved experience for in-store customers with Ricoh IT Managed Service

Ricoh IT Managed Service delivers transformation across the Cotton Traders retail estate

Cotton Traders has a wealth of enriched data from its loyal home shopping customers. However, restricted in-store technology agility and unreliable PoS equipment resulted in limitations with gathering information from retail shoppers. Using a Ricoh IT Managed Service, the company has transformed in-store PoS operations, improving insight and the overall customer experience.

“Within five minutes of the new PoS technology going live, we were getting unsolicited reports from multiple sites about how much quicker and better the sales process was functioning. The Ricoh solution and its support service are critical to Cotton Traders’ bricks and mortar retail business because PoS systems are the only things that allow that arm to operate. Every single sale, every delivery and every bit of information we capture goes through it. Without that one piece of hardware working effectively, reliably and with minimal downtime, stores can’t operate.

Nick Turner, Head of IT, Cotton Traders


  • Challenge: Customer Engagement
  • Industry: Other
  • Business size: Large business
  • Service Line: IT Services

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