Conwy County Borough Council
Conwy County Borough Council


Welsh local authority modernisation boosted by document management solution

Streamlining Efficiency with Ricoh Document Management Solution

When Conwy County Borough Council launched a modernisation programme, one area that needed addressing was its inefficient print facilities. Through a national framework agreement, the council selected Ricoh as its improvement partner. After deploying a Ricoh document management solution, the print estate has been cut by 70% while still improving the service, more efficient business processes are being adopted and the council is starting to see significant cost savings.

“It may seem a bit counterintuitive trying to reduce print on one hand, while on the other investing in new equipment. But the Ricoh solution is more than just printing, it’s about rationalising print resources, using technology to improve processes and help staff to be more efficient and agile, and ultimately filter those improvements through to the services Conwy County Borough Council provides to the community.”

Brian Laing, Corporate Project Manager Information Technology and Digital Transformation, Conwy County Borough Council

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