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Higher Education Services

Higher education has become increasingly competitive as universities and further education institutes compete for students and high calibre faculty. Students and faculty alike want to know that the institution they choose will provide them with the technology, tools and support they need for both productivity and innovation.

Key Services

Staying current in a competitive marketplace

In today’s increasingly globalised world, competition among higher education institutions for students and staff is fierce. With tuition fees on the rise, students are becoming increasingly discerning and are looking for more than reputation. Students and faculty members want superior services and the latest technology, as well as a high calibre academic environment.

It can be difficult, however, for higher education bodies to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. An increasing number of educational institutes are coming to rely on relationships with trusted technology partners to keep them current.

Ricoh is here to help you stay on top of your technology needs so that you can offer students and staff the tools to excel in today’s knowledge economy. Our higher education services and solutions have been designed to meet the changing needs of your evolving market.

We can help you reduce costs through our managed print and IT services and modernise your campus collaboration and learning spaces to provide students and staff with access to the latest IT, print and communication technology. And we can optimise your document intensive processes like admissions and student records management to enable secure anytime / anywhere access to this key data.

And our industry expertise and emphasis on innovation means that we stay ahead of the higher education technology trends for you so that you can focus on what you do best.

Related Case Studies

  • Cambridge Regional College

    Cambridge Regional College

    Cambridge Regional College invests in services and achieves ISO environmental accreditation with Ricoh

  • Hopwood Hall College

    Hopwood Hall College

    Ricoh implements virtualised learning environment that facilitates dynamic information access and collaboration

  • Humboldt-Universität


    New print facilities at German university Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin enhances student services and reduces downtime

  • Arteveldehogeschool


    Ricoh's follow-me print solution improves mobility with extended access to versatile multifunctional products.

  • Maastricht University

    Maastricht University

    Ricoh's DocuLounge service centre increases student satisfaction levels by more than 20% at Maastricht University

  • TU Delft

    TU Delft

    Dutch university TU Delft sees €550,000 yearly savings through digital workflow solution that automates payment processes.

  • University of Groningen

    University of Groningen

    Ricoh's Managed Document Service saves the University of Groningen €700 000 a year.

  • Wico Scholengemeenschap

    Wico Scholengemeenschap

    With Ricoh's help, schools in Belgium are able to produce more effective educational collateral at a lower cost.

Additional services for higher education

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