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Data Cleansing for Government

With the potential cost and reputation damage inherent in the leak of confidential data, information security is a high priority for government organisations. Yet many government departments are failing to address the information security risk presented by residual data remaining on print devices.

New technologies like document server and scan-to-email functionality increase the amount of personal and confidential information contained on printers and multi-function printers. This presents a risk that could compromise significant amounts of your citizens’ data during the disposal of end-of-life devices.

Ricoh’s secure disposal service removes, beyond recovery, any residual information contained on the device. All data is eliminated, and along with it your security risks. Each step is documented to provide you with auditable proof that your data has been disposed of securely.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Data Cleansing Service offers a comprehensive solution for removing data from printers and multi-function printers.

With our Data Cleansing Service, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive full data cleansing service that removes data from all areas of a device, from hard drive to print drum
  • A certified, auditable approach that documents every step of the process for your records
  • A turnkey service that can be integrated into your device lifecycle management policy
  • Complete peace of mind that you have eliminated this often overlooked risk

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