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Ricoh WorkPlace+

You know you need to stay agile to quickly respond to changes in the market and your industry. And you know your technology can help you automate, collaborate and work more efficiently. It can even entirely transform your business. But as a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you may not have the time or people to take full advantage of these opportunities.

RICOH WorkPlace+ is designed for SMBs that want to harness digital technology and processes to work smarter. Whether you’re looking to integrate a product into your infrastructure, overhaul a process, or solve a business issue,  

RICOH WorkPlace+ is here to help you tackle your challenges around:

  • Mobile multi-site working
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Information storage and access
  • Digital workflows and processes
  • Secure and reliable infrastructure
Key features & benefits

With RICOH WorkPlace+ you get maximum return from your technology while remaining agile enough to adapt to change as it happens. Our solution for SMBs lets you bundle products, services and support into a flexible all-in-one multi-service contract with consolidated terms and payment plan. The solution lets you scale users and functionality with minimal fuss, and is designed to make supporting your IT infrastructure easier, faster and more cost effective.  

We also help you identify the strongest opportunities for transformation in your business and create a tailored transformation plan. And because new technology and processes are only part of the solution, we offer change management support and tools to assist your team with adapting to new ways of working.

To find out more about how we can help you work smarter, download our brochure and whitepaper.

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