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Data Security

Ricoh has a number of robust hardware security capabilities that help secure information from the start to finish of document or data creation. Our capabilities cover data control, data preservation, data destruction and compliance.

Helping you protect your business

To meet the demanding requirements of effective, demonstrable cyber security best practices, security is included in every product and service in Ricoh’s portfolio by design – never as an afterthought. To learn more about our security capabilities, download our full report: Ricoh Security Solutions: Helping you protect your business


Data Control

User authentication and authorisation

Control access to the device and information contained in it

  • Locked print
  • Standard Embedded S/W for authentication
  • User Authentication / access restriction
  • Single sign-on
  • Multiple administrator roles
  • PDF password protection (password for scanned document)
  • Unauthorized Copy Protection
  • IP-Range based Access Control
  • Secure device and print management
  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) / SmartCard Support
  • Secure printing (print2me / locked print)

Device Management

Control the settings and who has access to the settings

  • Quota setting / account limit
  • DMNX – single pane of glass security auditing, password management, monitoring, alerting

Device Malware Protection

The Ricoh only machine language is our unique firmware that eliminates a lot of security issues

  • Servers
  • Not/less susceptible to malware
  • SOP – hardened version of Android
  • Ricoh-only version of machine OS (machine control language) for MFP
  • 3 layer approach – digital signature, download via Ricoh tool, needs to be written in specific control language
Data Preservation

Data Encryption

Encypt data that you want to keep and reuse such as passwords, network settings and address books. Deny access to sensitive data even if access to the network is breached.

  • Hard disk encryption via TPM
  • Encryption keys via TPM
  • End to end encryption of print and scan files using PKI key
  • FIPS certified HDD (Federal Information Processing Standards)
  • End2End encryption for printing
  • End2End encryption for scanning

Bios and Operating System Protection.

Stop devices being misused by a malicious 3rd party.

  • Secure boot using Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
Firmware updates and Password Management
  • Remote password audit
  • User lockout function
  • Firmware validation via TPM
Data Destruction

Image Overwrite.

Whenever you make a copy or a scan on a print device, it leaves a latent image on the hard drive, which is used for job processing. As soon as the job is completed on a Ricoh device, the image is immediately overwritten before the next job starts.

  • Disk Overwrite Security System (DOSS)
  • Removable hard drive

Hard Disk Disposal.

At the end of a device’s useful life or lease, the hard drive can be removed, destroyed and a new hard drive used if the device is to be reused.

  • Hard disk disposal, image overwrite.
  • Full Data Cleansing Service
  • End of Life service: destruction of data within memory modules, storage
certificationCompliance with industry standards
  • IEEE 2600.2 Certification for select products
  • ISO 15408 Certification for select products
  • Security documentation & training

Additional services for Information Security

  • Data Cleansing for Government

    Data Cleansing for Government

    A complete and documented process for removing data from end-of-life government print devices.

  • Managed Document Services

    Managed Document Solutions

    Bespoke solutions to help organisations optimise information workflow and streamline document management processes.

  • Power Office

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    Two comprehensive, cost-effective IT support options designed for small businesses

  • Pay Per Seat

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    A full range of configurable IT solutions and services for end-user devices, delivered on a usage basis.

  • Integrated IT Lifecycle Services

    Integrated IT Lifecycle Services

    A customisable range of IT infrastructure services and support for enterprise organisations.

  • Human Resource Records

    Human Resource Records

    Accelerate workflow and boost employee productivity with fast, accurate HR records management.

  • Document Governance

    Document Governance

    An integrated suite of applications and tools to manage and monitor your document infrastructure.

  • Accounts receivable - archiving

    Accounts receivable - archiving

    Improve customer service with fast, centralised, easily accessible invoice archiving

  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable

    An easy to implement solution that automates invoice capture, approval, payment and archiving tasks.

  • Patient Workflow Management 2

    Patient Workflow Management

    A one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise medical information.

  • eRecord Mobile 2

    eRecord Mobile

    A fast, accurate and secure way to capture and share vital patient image information.

  • eRecord Connect 2

    eRecord Connect

    A one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise medical information.

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