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Digital and automated workflows

No matter where your business is on the journey towards digital maturity, Ricoh can help take you to the next level and reap even further benefits. From essential hardware and software enabling the digitisation and automation of everyday workflows through to ensuring data security and driving business intelligence, Ricoh is the single partner you need to be pro-active in your technology growth.

How to grow your business with workflow automation

When it comes to workflow automation in your business, are you a Traditionalist or a Tech Trailblazer? We have identified four key stages that businesses like yours might be at in the journey towards digital and automation maturity. 

'Traditionalist' businesses have much to gain from workflow automation, while those at the 'Tech Trailblazer' end of this scale are already leveraging the benefits of digitised and automated workflows to drive efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage across their organisation. Yet no matter what stage a business is at, there is always room to grow.

Or, explore the 4 stages below:

TraditionalistDigital Convert      Automation Expert Tech Trailblazer 

                       Traditionalist                 Digital Convert         Automation Expert           Tech Trailblazer

What is Document Workflow Automation?

Take a deeper dive into what document workflow automation means and how it can transform your business with our whitepaper pack.

Offering data-driven insights on the benefits of workflow automation and tactical solutions to help you get started, this whitepaper pack is the ideal guide for businesses looking to maximise productivity through automating everyday document workflows.

Introduction to Workflow Automation
Introduction to Workflow Automation in Finance
Introduction to Workflow Automation in Human Resources

Key services

  • RICOH WorkPlace+

    Ricoh WorkPlace+

    A consultative service to help small and medium sized businesses take advantage of a range of transformation opportunities including mobility, communication and collaboration, agility, flexibility and security.

  • Managed Document Services

    Managed Document Solutions

    Bespoke solutions to help organisations optimise information workflow and streamline document management processes.

  • i-Invoicing


    Migrate your buyers and suppliers from paper-based invoicing to more efficient, cost-effective electronic invoice processing.

Preparing organisations for digital transformation

The transition from traditional paper-based workflows to leaner, digital-first operations can result in significant cost savings and improved operational efficiencies. Not to mention the positive impact on your environmental strategy. However, improving the management of business documents and information is about more than simply implementing new underlying technologies. It’s about understanding the needs of your industry and business, your processes and people so that your technology solution works in harmony with your environment.

Find the right fit for your business

The benefits of digital workflows and information handling are well understood, but making the leap from well-established processes can be daunting. With our proven track record in organisational change management, we have the expertise to assist your business with adopting new work practices. We understand the requirements of organisations across a wide range of sectors and will work with you to establish the processes and trajectory that works best for your business.

Transform your operations from paper to digital

Ricoh is here to provide the infrastructure, guidance and support to transition your organisation to new ways of working. Whether you’re a small local business or a global enterprise, we can help you evolve your information processes and workflows to prepare your business for a digital future.

Additional Services for Digital workflows and processes

  • Precision Marketing Services

    Precision Marketing Services

    Actionable insights and personalisation tools to help you improve your customer response and conversation rates.

  • eRecord Connect 2

    eRecord Connect

    A one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise medical information.

  • Managing Enterprise Output

    Managing Enterprise Output

    A centralised workflow solution to manage when and how documents are produced and printed across your organisation.

  • Customer Communication Management

    Customer Communication Management

    Increase engagement with innovative multi-channel technology, workflow solutions and personalisation options.

  • Patient Workflow Management 2

    Patient Workflow Management

    A one-button document management solution that lets you quickly and easily digitise medical information.

  • Mobile and On-Demand printing 2

    Mobile & On-Demand Print Services

    Offering universities and colleges anytime, anywhere printing from mobile devices.

  • Collaboration Spaces 2

    Collaboration Spaces

    A personalised collaborative working area to enhance students’ study experience.

  • Meeting Room Service

    Meeting Room Services

    Create a more productive and efficient working environment by optimising the utilisation of your meeting room facilities.

  • Commercial Printer

    Commercial Printer

    Affordable, integrated consumer-focussed solutions that let you offer your customers the latest in print innovation.

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