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Business Sustainability

For eight decades Ricoh has pioneered the use of sustainable practices in our business, and have helped countless other organisations reduce wastage. Whether you need to reduce your carbon footprint or streamline your processes, we are here to help you step into a sustainable future.

Key services

Tackling wastage across the business

Ricoh does more than just deliver energy and paper-efficient printers and print infrastructure. We can help you transition from traditional, paper-based workflows to lean, digital operations to cut costs, operate more efficiently and tackle wastage across your organisation.

Cut consumption and cost

Document handling has a direct influence on your business energy usage, and the technology infrastructure you choose has a wider environmental impact. We can help you tackle these challenges on a number of fronts.

Our energy-efficient office printers, for example, come with toner saver mode and can print without full warm up. And our intelligent monitoring software gives you an organisation-wide view of energy consumption.

At the other end of the scale, we can help you take a digital first approach and move towards a paperless office. And our flexible working solutions can cut down on the need to travel and directly impact your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Align your people, processes and sustainability

Implementing more efficient hardware is only one dimension. Equally important is to establish ways to improve your everyday processes and ensure that your employees find it easy to adapt.

Our Sustainability Management Services support organisations by taking a holistic approach. We are here to help you optimise your core, everyday activities and introduce your employees to new ways of working.

Additional services for Business Sustainability

  • Citizen Communication Management 2

    Citizen Communication Management

    A service that helps government departments gradually digitise paper-based systems.

  • Managed Document Services

    Managed Document Solutions

    Bespoke solutions to help organisations optimise information workflow and streamline document management processes.

  • i-Invoicing


    Optimise your accounting practices and move to paperless invoicing at a speed that suits you, your clients and suppliers.

  • Quick Printer

    Quick Printer

    Hardware and software solutions and tailored advice to keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • Direct Mailer

    Direct Mailer

    Create meaningful customer connections using the latest direct mail technology and expertise.

  • Digital Printer

    Digital Printer

    Flexible, scalable technology solutions that help you stay on top of digital marketing trends and enhance your productivity.

  • Commercial Printer

    Commercial Printer

    Affordable, integrated consumer-focussed solutions that let you offer your customers the latest in print innovation.

  • Sustainability Management Services Portfolio

    Sustainability Management Services Portfolio

    Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do and we offer a portfolio of sustainability services, products and product features that focus on helping organisations achieve energy efficiency, resource conservation and human wellbeing.

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