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Meeting Room Services

Company meeting rooms should be productive spaces where teams can share, collaborate and present work and ideas with flair and ease. But often we arrive for meetings to find rooms occupied or under-equipped.

Ricoh’s Meeting Room Services can help you transform the way you use your meeting spaces. We offer a complete solution designed to turn these valuable office areas into efficiently managed environments that actively boost your productivity.

To help improve room usage efficiency, we provide monitoring software that lets you assess how the spaces are being used, and digital signage so that everybody knows when rooms are occupied or available. We can also install ID card technology to manage access to rooms.

For organisational efficiency, we offer software that lets you easily book meeting rooms from your calendar system, distribute invitations, and book conference lines, parking and lunch for visitors.

And for meeting productivity, we supply, support and maintain communication and presentation technology to suit every budget and need.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Meeting Room Services will help you optimise your meeting space utilisation. We will help you:

  • Gain a clearer insight into how rooms are being used
  • Improve the processes around how meetings are organised
  • Enhance access to your meeting facilities
  • Boost productivity with enhanced communication and collaboration technology
  • Track usage patterns to ensure your facilities continue to meet your needs

Using industry-leading room monitoring technology from Condeco, we help you determine the optimal layout of your meeting rooms. We also deploy real-time data monitoring software to establish your current meeting space utilisation patterns.

We can supply you with a range of communication and collaboration technology, from video conferencing equipment and projectors to interactive whiteboards. We also provide software that integrates with your existing platforms to increase the efficiency of your meeting administrative processes.

Our digital signage solutions show details of room occupancy and availability and we can install displays in your reception areas to provide information about meeting times and locations so that rooms are easy to find. Staff and attendees can see when a room is in use and when the next scheduled meeting is due to begin.

Throughout our engagement, we provide full project, service and change management assistance to ensure that the solutions implemented remain attuned to your requirements.