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Our Portfolio

At Ricoh, we operate within a culture of sustainability, and we use our internal thinking and processes to help you recognise and harness the relationship between your company, your employees, your customers and the environment. . This is accomplished through Ricoh’s portfolio of sustainability services, products and products features.

Energy efficiency

The following products and services have been designed to help businesses optimise energy usage and running costs:

  • Sustainability Optimisation Programme - A five-step consultancy process that helps achieve immediate, measurable reductions in document workflow CO2 emissions.
  • Carbon Balanced Production Printing - A three-step consultancy approach that helps production print service providers analyse, optimise and neutralise carbon emissions.
  • Energy efficient products - Through innovations like Quick Start-Up technology, low energy sleep mode, a short recovery time from sleep to operating mode and a reduced toner fusion point, many of our products are market leaders in energy efficiency.
  • Energy management tools and software - Many of our products come with built-in and add-on features designed to boost energy efficiency:
    • Weekly timer - turns devices off at night and over weekends, reducing energy use by up to 40%
    • Eco night sensor - turns off devices when it detects darkness
    • EcoMode -the most energy efficient timer setting that promptly pushes devices to the sleep mode
    • Energy and paper usage visualisation tools - reports on the energy and paper usage of individual users
    • @Remote diagnostics software - tracks performance of fleet devices against sustainability targets and tracks sustainability performance of fleet devices against sustainability KPIs

Resource conservation

Ricoh's sustainability offerings include a rich portfolio of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle products and services that are supported by Ricoh's own Comet Circle principle and are in a pefect fit with the circular economy requirements.

  • Reused products, parts and supplies - GreenLine devices, Ricoh's portfolio of certified pre-owned devices; GreenLine parts and supplies - pre-owned components are recovered to start a new life within a Ricoh product.
  • End of life management - The Ricoh Resource Smart Return programme facilitates the easy return of end of life products and used consumables.
  • Smaller, lighter parts - Many of our latest MFPs are over 65% lighter and smaller than previous models in their class. Our ethos is to use less resources to develop robust devices.
  • Recycled materials from alternative sources - Biologically reproducible biomass resources like bio-based plastics and biomass toner form an integral part of our manufacturing process. Our devices are partly made of bio-based plastics and electric furnace steel.
  • Resource efficiency built into our products
    • High speed duplex – To help save paper, all Ricoh MFPs come with duplex functionality as standard for easy double-sided printing
    • Staple-less finisher – A unique Ricoh MFP feature that allows up to five pages to be bound together without the need for a staple
  • Print&Share Eco print driver - Helps reduce paper usage and waste with a single click by eliminating unwanted prints and merging white space to print multiple pages on one sheet.
  • Recycled and sustainably sourced paper - Our office products are all designed to work optimally with recycled paper and our own paper range comes from sustainably managed forests.

Human wellbeing

Ricoh's human well-being offerings include products and services addressing inclusivity, end-user well-being, comfort and security.

  • Print security products and services - Through a combination of Ricoh secure hardware, software and technical expertise, we help our customers improve print security and confidentiality.
  • Pre-owned products for developing countries - Low cost pre-owned devices are made available to developing countries to meet their demand in colour products.
  • Our hybrid power MFP - For disaster relief activities and developing nations that face frequent power outages, we’ve developed a battery-powered MFP that works when the power grid isn’t available.
  • User/operator well-being - products and services that address the operator's health, safety and well-being.
  • Inclusive design and accessibility solutions - Our office equipment is designed to incorporate features that improve accessibility and facilitate ease of use to meet the requirements of any end-user. Working with relevant associations, we cooperate with the development of accessibility regulations in countries where we operate. We commission original market research into working environments for disabled people. One of Ricoh's brand pillars is "Simplify Your Life and Work". Here are some examples of how Ricoh meets the challenge of improving accessibility for all.

Simplified Display with the Accessibility App The Accessibility App supports people with visual impairments, allowing all the same multifunction printer capability that is available to users with normal sight.

These are only a few ways how Ricoh’s Sustainability management portfolio can help you be more energy efficiency, resource smart and contribute to the well-being of your staff. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organisation move toward a more sustainable future.

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