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Enterprise Output Discovery

When looking for document optimisation many organisations look at their office printing believing it will address most of their document printing costs.  But according to many analysts, the majority of an organisation’s print is produced outside of the office - in areas such as a centralised print room, or other environments that generate documents related to transactions, marketing or communications that are often outsourced.   

We call this enterprise output and to help organisations take a closer look at all their document environments for cost and business benefits, Ricoh has developed a unique study called the Enterprise Output Discovery.  

Everything that results in print and output is considered.  We believe that making decisions on any part of your print and output infrastructure should only be done when you have the visibility of the entire organisation.  Only then can you make informed decisions on setting the right enterprise output strategy for your business.  And, as a result of reviewing processes that drive business critical print, we often uncover opportunities to migrate the most suitable paper based processes to digital workflows. 

So print processes and costs are not just the target for this discovery, we can drive business process improvements and digital strategies too. 

How it works
The discovery process has a structured methodology used by our trained consultants. The process has two distinct levels, but is flexible enough to be tailored to fit the needs of your organisation.
After agreeing the range of output and related services required to deliver your operational and strategic goals, we’ll engage key stakeholders across your organisation to understand the issues and develop an Enterprise Output Strategy to meet your future business objectives.

Key features & benefits

Discover more

  • Target all document environments across the enterprise, not just the office
  • Uncover hidden print and document costs
  • Explore opportunities for process or business improvements
  • Consider strategies for digital document workflows

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