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Customer Experience Centre

The Ricoh Customer Experience Centre (CEC) is a world class facility that brings together the best that Ricoh offers in the fields of production printing technology and lean manufacturing. This is where we research, develop, customise and demonstrate our solutions, and here you can see examples of how Ricoh’s Learning by Doing and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) principles are applied to increase our knowledge.

At the CEC we demonstrate what is possible with Ricoh technology and provide design and application guides that enable print service providers to take full advantage of the creative potential of your investments.

The CEC is also where we test the ever-expanding range of output media to ensure that the media you select is suitable for the task you have in mind. From the CEC we supply customers with custom print samples based on what you want to achieve using your own artwork and media choices.

The 4000 square metre site has become a knowledge hub for our different digital print technologies and is a test laboratory for software and digital front ends. You can see our production printing fleet in action at the Smart Factory and we showcase our specialist inkjet development business at the on-site research laboratory. Our Lean and Green Manufacturing consultancy service, which offers tailored solutions to help minimise waste, is also based here.

The CEC, located in Telford in the UK, is where our European clients come to experience Ricoh’s solutions in action. It is staffed by friendly experts who are on hand to demonstrate, explore and test the optimum solution mix for your business so that you can be confident that your solution is the right fit for your organisation.