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The modern workplace is undergoing profound change, shaped and facilitated by the digital transformation of technology, and the demands for flexible working arrangements. Our Device as a Service offering means you can get the best out of your employees and the most out of your IT spend.

More enterprise workers than ever are working remotely, posing challenges for their organisations’ IT departments. With Device as a Service, we can take those challenges away, ensuring your employees can collaborate and operate productively and securely. You get a tailored package of devices, software and managed services, provided on a monthly subscription basis per user that removes big capital expenditure from the balance sheet and save money spent on unused devices.

At a glance:

  • 46% of organisations have accelerated investment in remote working infrastructure over the last year
  • Our Device as a Service (DaaS) solution is an inexpensive way for enterprises to support remote working
  • Spending on DaaS almost doubled in 2020, to $1.2bn; projected to reach $1.9bn in 2021, and $2.5bn in 2022
  • 70% expect to transition from traditional CapEx finance models to subscription services (OpEx) for IT within three years
  • 44% of organisations say that bundling PCs and custom services into a single contract with monthly payments would strongly influence their choice of IT services provider

Key features & benefits

  • Tailored package of bundled hardware, software and managed services
  • Flexible finance options, with monthly subscription fees, delivered by Ricoh Capital
  • Seamless and affordable access to the latest IT technology and cloud-based tools, upgraded and refreshed easily in the field
  • Best-in-class IT security, always up to date
  • Regular refresh cycle ensures optimum asset management, never going past warranty
  • Training and education tailored to your needs
  • Digital experience assessment to identify each business’s unique current and future digital transformation requirements


  • Move unpredictable device CapEx spend into predictable, sustainable payments and give a greater return on investment 
  • Monitored usage and reporting will make sure you only pay for what you actually use 
  • Ensures your employees always have the latest device technology to optimise productivity and performance 
  • Greater employee satisfaction through empowerment and digital sophistication 
  • Peace of mind for the enterprise, with managed data and IT security protocols Better control of cashflow with predictable subscription-based costs
  • Save money: only pay for what you use 
  • Free up IT teams to work on transformation projects instead of being tied up responding to support requests