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Information Management and Business Intelligence

Your data and information tell a story, every spreadsheet cell, document or transaction reveals something about your organisation’s past and present. With the right tools to make sense of data, interrogate it and get the answers you need from it, it’s powerful enough to shape the future. Ricoh's specialists help organisations translate their data and information into actionable insights that drive real business outcomes. We make connections across your company documents, data and people, joining the dots to create smarter organisations. The result is a clear direction, which helps you make informed decisions today and identify what you need to drive your business forward into a profitable, competitive and productive future.

Key features & benefits

Analytics drive insight and fuel innovation, enabling organisations to leverage the intrinsic value of all of their data. Our business insights and analytics capabilities include a full range of services, from strategy through deployment, focused on data and analytics, IoT, cloud, mobility and technology convergence.

Data Capture  
Connected devices, technology and assets promise to pay big dividends, but how do you maximise the potential to reap the benefits?  Capturing, processing and integrating new data sources in the right way to get the most from them can be challenging for organisations. We connect devices and other assets, capturing the diverse, voluminous and lucrative data they generate to transform it into insight.

Too often businesses suffer from data silo’s. Systems such as ERP, CRM, Service Management and HR solutions cannot communicate with one another to enable agile processes and clear lines of communication. We use multiple techniques and technologies to ensure we can address unique and diverse business challenges, connecting the dots, so you can get the insight you need.

Data Visualisation 
Getting your people to interact and engage with the reports you distribute across your organisation is key to the successful implementation of any data strategy. Your people need to quickly make sense of the information and translate it into high impact, profitable decisions for your business. RICOH has a wealth of expertise in design, UX and UI to build engaging, eye-catching and practical reporting and application solutions to ensure insight is integral to the way your people work. 

Data Platform  
Experts in Data Platform consultancy, design and implementation, we ensure that the hub of your data culture is providing your business with the performance and scalability it needs to get the most from your data, information and people.

Collaboration and Portals 
People and knowledge are the core of innovation, so you need solutions that help get the best from them. Our collaboration and productivity developers work with best in industry technologies to create solutions that support your people to share knowledge, stay connected and control the flow of information across your business.

Data and Information Governance  
In the modern, digital age data and information governance measures have never been so critical, with the emergence of new cyber security threats and compliance measures such as GDPR. Our Information Architecture and Governance consultancy helps businesses develop a robust and accurate framework for data and information management, designed for your unique business requirements and people.

Application Development  
Ricoh have an extensive portfolio of application development services, whether you’re looking to discover new ways of working or if you’re legacy application estate is holding your business back, we have the breadth of skills, spanning custom application development through to integration to help you get more from your people, processes and customer engagements.

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