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Ricoh’s Logistics solution gives you the tools you need to easily and accurately capture and index your Delivery, Proof of Delivery, Proof of Collection and the other documentation needed for the successful management of logistics.

The efficient management of logistics paperwork has a direct monetary impact – the sooner you can process this data, the faster you can invoice for your services. Logistics documents are stored in a secure, easy to manage central electronic repository, where they’re instantly available for retrieval and referencing.

This all-digital solution helps speed up your processes with rapid document capture, reduces administration time and costs, and cuts down on the risk of manual entry mistakes.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Logistics services help you reduce your costs and improve cash flow by digitising and centralising all your relevant logistics documents.

Our solution can help you:

Reduce business costs

  • Eliminates the need for manual searching, matching and processing of Delivery, Proof of Delivery and Proof of Collection documents
  • Provides instant access through an accurately indexed, centrally managed electronic repository that reduces administration costs and the need for expensive physical storag

Speed up processes

  • Boost business efficiency with real-time access to all documents
  • Accelerate processing with fast, easy scanning and indexing of documents using a multifunctional device

Enhance cash flow

  • Rapid search and retrieval of key documentation speeds up invoice generation and improves cash flow

Improve accuracy

  • Centralised document management enables accurate indexing and audit trails
  • Check-in/check-out version management ensures that document version control is maintained
  • Fast, easy document matching means helpdesks can handle enquiries faster

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