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Human Resource Records

From curricula vitae to contracts, healthcare information to pensions, Human Resource departments deal with large amounts of confidential documentation every day. Whether your business is large or small, you need to establish processes to manage all this paperwork both efficiently and securely.

Ricoh’s Human Resource Records solution helps HR departments streamline document management. Documents are captured, indexed and saved in an easily managed central digital repository. All your sensitive documents are stored and accessed securely, and your HR staff have accurate, up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Integrating a digital document solution into an existing electronic HR workflow significantly improves HR processes and saves money:

  • Documents can be distributed and tracked efficiently for fast approvals and authorisations
  • Confidentiality is improved with efficient document capture and secure access policies
  • Secure storage, access and the ability to track documents aids regulatory compliance
  • Direct time and money savings are realised by cutting down on manual work and physical storage and printing costs
Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Human Resource Records solution helps to improve productivity with fast, accurate, confidential document management.

Our solution will help to:

Ensure security and compliance

  • Protect confidential information from loss or abuse with secure role-based access rights
  • Safeguard legal compliance with accurate indexing and audit trails, version control and check-in/ check-out document management
  • Simplify compliance with secure electronic storage that streamlines document retention and destruction regulations

Accelerate processing

  • Speed up processes like recruitment by allowing curricula vitae and other documents to be quickly and easily retrieved and sorted
  • Provide instant, secure access to centrally stored electronic documents to enable faster authorisations from managers across the business
  • Easily capture and convert documents to a searchable, indexed digital format that can be viewed in over 300 different file format

Reduce costs

  • Reduce time wastage, administration and storage costs with instant access to an accurately indexed, centrally managed electronic repository

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