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Fleet Records

Having well-structured, coordinated information helps businesses of all sizes comply with the many regulations relating to company fleets and vehicle users. Ricoh’s Fleet Records solution offers a secure, easy to manage electronic archive that lets you centralise and simplify control of your fleet records.

Our easy to implement solution lets you quickly capture and index your vehicle documents so that you have real-time access to the most current versions of your fleet records. Indexed files are securely archived and simple to track.

Once digitised and indexed, your documents are easy to find, cutting down on time searching through paper files. Processes are improved and the margin for error is reduced as you can avoid potentially misfiled or misplaced documents. Digital record keeping also means you cut down on storage and paper costs, which has a direct impact on your sustainability policy.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Fleet Records solution helps you reduce time-consuming manual processes and offers instant access to documents when you need them.

The service will help you:

Simplify legal compliance

  • Digitised documents and centralised storage ensures easy search and retrieval of all vehicle-related documents
  • Accurate indexing, audit trails and version management aids compliance with legal regulations
  • All relevant vehicle and driver documentation including insurance, safety checks and licensing can be matched up and monitored for critical updates, helping maintain a safe and productive fleet

Reduce business costs

  • Administration costs are reduced and physical storage costs are eliminated
  • Easy access to an accurately indexed, centrally managed electronic repository eliminates the need for manual matching and processing of vehicle documents
  • Costs can be further reduced by sending and receiving documents digitally

Accelerate processes, free up time

  • Centralised electronic document management accelerates fleet management processes like insurance claims
  • Real-time documents access reduces the time spent manually searching for and chasing critical documents

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