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Managed Testing Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations can’t afford to stand still. New technologies and working processes offer the prospect of enhanced operations and a lead over the competition. However, change can also present a risk. Managed incorrectly, the benefits from planned improvements can be delayed or diminished.

Document workflows are often the focus for optimisation initiatives, or represent one of the components affected by changes to other parts of the IT environment. To ensure document infrastructure continues to perform well, it’s important that upgrade and implementation projects are carefully planned and that their wider impact is evaluated before they begin.

Ricoh’s Managed Testing Services offer a range of flexible outsourced testing and quality assurance services that can help you undertake change projects involving Ricoh technology successfully and efficiently. Based on our success delivering and supporting advanced document infrastructure and dedicated hardware and software testing capabilities, our Managed Testing Services can help you quickly identify and mitigate potential risks.

Our testers are certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and draw on Ricoh’s extensive experience of deploying and managing document resources to determine the best approach for your business. Our team can also advise on deployment best practices and optimal hardware and software configurations.

Key features & benefits

Ricoh’s Managed Testing Services can help you:

Deliver higher quality infrastructure
With our testing support, you can gain a clear understanding of the performance of your existing document environment and where enhancements can be made in order to improve the quality of your systems.

Be more efficient
We ensure that testing is performed quickly, cost-effectively and without the need for additional resource from your IT team. As a result, they can focus on core activities that bring true value to your organisation.

Maintain tighter cost control
With our Managed Testing Services, the amount of time and money required for test projects can be determined precisely in advance. Charges for our testing services are based strictly according to output. For each engagement, we commit to provide the results of testing – corresponding to pre-agreed quality standards – for the agreed price, by the agreed deadline.

Mitigate your risk at every step
Our Managed Testing Services help ensure that our solutions perform reliably and efficiently within the unique context of your IT environment. Using our dedicated testing facilities, we provide resource-saving and timely quality assurance checks for your deployments. Our consultants can also help you define key performance indicators and configure your own test environments for ongoing quality assurance.

Our managed testing and quality assurance service offers:

  • Clearly defined and certified testing methods with clear, practical outcomes and actionable advice
  • Targeted time- and cost-effective support where you need it
  • Risk management when upgrading critical document processes
  • Detailed insights into performance, compatibility and user experience
  • Cost control through a flexible range of testing services that suit varying business needs
  • An integrated approach that allows you to benefit from end-to-end support for your document infrastructure