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Corporate Responsibility

As a global company, Ricoh has a stake in all the communities we operate in. The vision of our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura – to ‘innovate on behalf of our customers and to pursue sustainable business practices on behalf of every life we touch’ - echoes throughout our business today.

We view business, society and the planet as interconnected. Our Three P’s approach – the balance of Planet, People and Profit - represents our philosophy for a sustainable society and is ingrained in our corporate values and integrated into the heart of our organisation.

  • Phil Keoghan

    Phil Keoghan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Responsible for all aspects of our CR strategy and objectives

  • Rebekah Wallis

    Rebekah Wallis

    Director of People & CR

    Responsible for employee development, wellness & engagement, environmental impact, workplace management & community investment

  • Rick Hewitt

    Rick Hewitt

    Finance Director

    Responsible for Corporate governance, management of business & commuting travel and supplier verification

  • Chas Moloney

    Chas Moloney

    Marketing Director

    Responsible for marketplace management, customer engagement and customer centricity

  • Mike Baddeley

    Mike Baddeley

    Head of Business Excellence

    Responsible for strategic delivery relating to Process Improvement, Compliance & Management Systems, Business Resilience and Health & Safety

  • James Deacon

    James Deacon

    Head of Corporate Responsibility

    Responsible for strategic delivery relating to Sustainability Management and employee-volunteering Community Investment initiatives