GR Advanced Materials

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Ricoh is a trusted technology leader, with an impressive track record for innovative and sustainable business solutions. Our Customer Centric culture drives Technical Innovation based on a Robust Manufacturing constitution

About GR Advanced Materials

GR Advanced Materials Ltd is part of the Ricoh Global Manufacturing network. GR Advanced Materials (GRAM) manufactures consumables for Digital Duplicators.

Products are distributed to the Western hemisphere, China and Japan.

With 40 employees on site, the key processes are pigment milling, emulsion ink manufacture, ink filling, lamination, slitting and packing.

Our products are manufactured to an exacting standard that ensures best quality prints every time while keeping cost and environmental impact as low as possible.

Based in historic Stirling, the factory occupies 6 acres of a 49 acre site.

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Processes - Digital Masters

GRAM manufactures a range of digital masters (or stencils) for Digital Duplicator Printers.  The digital master range of products compliments the range of Digital Duplicator Printers manufactured by Ricoh. 

This modern approach to a trusted and robust print process requires attention to detail and skilled material handling.  The processing of ultra thin films of 1.5 microns into smooth, crease free laminates creates jumbo rolls of digital master.

The jumbo rolls of digital master are slit into useable widths A3, A4 and B4 before being packaged for distribution.

The film is thermally sensitive and will form individual pixels when spot heating is applied.  A digital array is formed by the Pixels which allows ink to pass through the film to generate a print.  With focus on high volume and low cost, lower print costs are achieved through using more prints with one master.

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Processes - Ink

Printing ink designed for the Digital Duplicating process is manufactured by GRAM using sophisticated knowledge and technology to control extremely fine particle size and overall viscosity. 

Inks are manufactured to provide the best properties of flow and colour on each digital duplicator with an intense colour on the finished print.

GRAM manufactures emulsion inks using either a water or oil phase.  The shelf life for the customer, speed of drying and rub resistance of all inks are critical aspects of the manufacturing.  Colour matched inks are manufactured to meet individual customer requests. 

The inks are filled into bags manufactured on site and then are packed into cartons using a bag in box technique.

Ink filling takes place for 500cc, 600cc and 1000cc sizes into a variety of brands and Digital Duplicator models.

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Processes - Environmental

Based in historic Stirling, which is one of  Scotland’s newest cities, the factory occupies 6 acres of a 49 acre site.  Situated at the base of the historic Wallace Monument and on a curve of the meandering River Forth, GRAM has excellent national and international transport networks.  Environmental activities are a key focus within GRAM and are linked to continuous improvement, working with the community and respecting the area surrounding the factory. 

GRAM has recently supported the Going Carbon Neutral Stirling Programme achieving both a Bronze and Silver Footprint Award.  Featuring as a case study on the website, GRAM provided examples of ways to reduce carbon footprint for other employers in the area.

Internally a programme of continuous improvement encourages a strong focus on environmental activities.  Since the implementation of ISO 14001 CO2 emissions have reduced by 60%  and water usage has reduced by 95%.

Environmental activities include continuous improvement reviews of manufacturing processes to identify potential energy savings, energy audits and eco  garden activities.
The eco garden crop includes home grown potatoes available to employees in addition to wildlife friendly planting and the creation of  a blossom tree avenue for the future.

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CSR - Values

At GRAM we share the values of our parent company RICOH.

These principles are base on the spirit of three loves originally stated by our founder Kiyoshi Ichimura
in 1946:

                           "Love your neighbour"    "Love your country"     "Love your work"

To be one global company, we must care about people, our profession, our society, and our planet.

We must dedicate our winning spirit, innovation and teamwork to sharpen our customer centric focus,
and we also must commit to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

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